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Nothing will work unless you do.

What I will teach you works (the proof is on my social media sites) but only if you implement what I teach every single day and put in the work. I cannot guarantee you will have the same profits or social media results that I've had. Heck, you might even have better results. But since I am not managing your platforms for you, I don't know if you are doing to do exactly as I say, so I can't guarantee your results.

No refunds. If I'm committing my time to be in all in, so are you.

No exceptions.

Once you submit payment, you commit yourself to the completion of the service you've selected, and Kylie commits herself to working with you for the duration of the service. Whole hearted commitment and investment is key to working with Kylie.  

Appointments & refund policy.

Please arrive on time for your sessions and appointments. Kylie is punctual and fully committed, and expects the same respect from her clients. Our time together is valuable and Kylie loves to maximize the investment you are making for yourself. Should you need to reschedule an appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. No refunds will be provided on a missed appointment. 

If you are unsure about a service or would like more information, contact kylie@kyfra.com.

Site Contents & Ownership

KYFRA LLC owns the intellectual property rights of all information on this site including but not limited to the company name, logo, graphics, videos, audios, images, designs, photographs, writings, graphs, data, and other materials KYFRA LLC’s ownership rights are protected by copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights. You shall comply with all copyright laws worldwide in your use of this website and prevent unauthorized copying.


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